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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents are the largest sources of personal injury litigation. Unfortunately, thousands of people are seriously injured or killed every year as a result of auto accidents that were caused by driver negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Northern California, contact Krankemann Petersen. Attorney Pano Stephens of Krankemann Petersen has been fighting for the rights of injury victims since 1968.

Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Other Vehicle Collisions

Our firm handles a wide range of auto accident claims on behalf of plaintiffs, including:

Proactive Representation With Your Needs in Mind

Mr. Stephens is a skilled negotiator who works proactively to determine if a favorable settlement can be obtained on behalf of a client. As a result of his thorough case management style, Mr. Stephens has a strong record of results.

Because he prepares meticulously for the possibility of trial in each case, insurance companies know that Mr. Stephens is ready to take them to court if they are not willing to make a fair settlement offer. We believe strongly that our thorough case preparation and reputation for vigorous advocacy is a decided advantage for clients.

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